You are behind the wheel of a supercar and in the hands of Australia's largest Advanced Driver Training School.

Our staff are all quallified driving instructors which gives you access to unparalleled experience and expertise as you learn what it is like to unleash hundreds of horses from behind your head!

Our cars are comprehensively insured for their commercial purpose and there are no up front security deposits for you to pay.

Supercar Drive is only 20mins from Melbourne CBD and has a specially designed route that avoids slow and potentially hazardous tourist routes - so you wont be stuck behind cyclists or caravans!.


Supercar Drive is operated by Australia's largest Advanced Driver Training organisation.

We instruct over 40,000 drivers every year and have had thousands of satisfied supercar drivers to date.


Our team have been involved with exotic and high-end supercars in Australia for over 20 years.

All our instructors are qualified Advanced Driver Trainers - so you are in the safest hands!


Want more? If driving a Lamborghini and Ferrari is not enough for you, we have a whole portfolio of driving events and courses.

Speak to your instructor or contact us to find out more.



The term 'Supercar' is a relatively new one.

Sports cars started to make their mark in the 1940s but it wasn't until 1954 when Mercedes-Benz unveiled the stunning 300SL 'Gullwing' that the desire for a car that would push the boundaries of style and performance (and cost) drove the market for a sportier sports car. In fact it wasn't until the launch of the Lamborghini Miura in 1965 that the motoring press used the term 'supercar' to describe a supremely powerful, expensive and stunning machine.